A slim modular model-view-controller (MVC) framework written in PHP5.2+ for rapid development of web- or console-applications featuring an integrated db-api, template-logic, pretty-urls, internationalization, caching, data-models and a multi-layered file-tree.

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tutorial: writing a simple file converter
Sun, 14 Sep 2008 13:52:23 GMT

for everybody who would like to know how you could do this with aurora should have a look at it.

in short it demonstrates how to use the following handy features:

* ext.mod call style
* config/boot/extmod_drop_duplicates
* signals
* xml and yaml helper


aurora 0.9.6 released
Fri, 05 Sep 2008 21:43:46 GMT

today we celebrate another neat release of aurora :). this time the motto was all around bug-fixing, stabilizing and grinding the corners. apart from this, some significant things have changed under the hood:

• .htaccess won't be written automatically anymore
• auth, db, model and validation have been extracted into a plugin
• optional extension.method call style
• external calls with extmod
• support colliding method names across extensions
• semi caching while in development environment
• calling methods from appl or lib emit signals
• adaptive template rendering
• user-definable open basedirs

read the full story here:

aurora 0.9.5 released
Sun, 15 Jun 2008 17:31:44 GMT

this release brings us a brand new plugin-system already featuring a bunch of useful bits and pieces ( jquery, blueprint, google analytics, firephp etc. ) and renders aurora_contrib obsolete • finally!

other highlights are:

• benchmarking via testcases
• some new assert-methods
• anonymous template blocks
• an interactive command line interface
• lots of other stuff mentioned in the changelog


you can find all news on the news page.

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licensed under GPL v2
aurora's testsuite and aurora itself are completely licensed under the GPL v2. contrib contains several files from other projects and / or authors. those packages have their own licenses included. some files where slightly modified for better integration into auroras system. therefore please don't bother the respective author if it could be that we broke something while modifing their files in the first place... thank you.
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