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A slim modular model-view-controller (MVC) framework written in PHP5.2+ for rapid development of web- or console-applications featuring an integrated db-api, template-logic, pretty-urls, internationalization, caching, data-models and a multi-layered file-tree.

project news
aurora 20071006 bugfix-release   Sat, 06 Oct 2007 18:09:21 GMT

there were two more or less serious errors in the skeleton-files. in the template-system replace_unknown_vars was not correctly stored so that db-calls could fail. finally it's now possible to use a runner as a source in for-statements.
this release is recommended for everyone.

many little things...   Thu, 04 Oct 2007 18:14:58 GMT

this release adds autogenerated-m2m-tables, improved branch-rendering in templates, some new filters, better localization, a simple benchmark-function, code cleanup and the first usable version of the console-helper ( see aurora/scripts/readme.txt ). for details see aurora/changelog.txt as usual.

bugfixes, feature enhancements   Fri, 21 Sep 2007 17:28:53 GMT

• integration for jquery
• bugfixes
• new small features everywhere

for details please take a look at the changelog - thanks :)

you can find all news on the news page.

current status of the upcomming website

yes, i am working on a site for aurora :).
here you can see a preview of how it could look like.

what has to be done:

oktay acikalin.

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additional stuff

volunteers are welcome
if you'ld like to help us at
  • correcting mistakes
  • translating
  • writing manual-pages
  • contribute code
please contact me via email.

licensed under GPL v2
aurora's testsuite and aurora itself are completely licensed under the GPL v2. contrib contains several files from other projects and / or authors. those packages have their own licenses included. some files where slightly modified for better integration into auroras system. therefore please don't bother the respective author if it could be that we broke something while modifing their files in the first place... thank you.
tutorial - a blog
  • creating a web-app
  • setting up models
  • create the web-ui
  • add a tag-list
  • add comments
  • configuration
  • file-tree
  • applications
  • libraries
  • extensions
  • runners
  • url-wrappers
  • db-api
  • models
  • templates
  • internationalization
  • caching
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